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Wind Drawings



exhibition view, ten Windzeichnungen [Wind Drawings] 1990 (28.34-43)
exhibition view, ten Windzeichnungen [Wind Drawings] 1990 (28.34-43)

An early series of Windzeichnungen [Wind Drawings] comprises ten canvases of 35 x 35 cm each. The canvases are layered with charcoal pigments and are hung in a tree for a specific pre-determined period. The branches of the tree are moved around by the wind, rain or other weather phenomena, which in turn paint the canvas: the branches effectively become paintbrushes directed by the weather. The resulting interaction with a piece of nature, such as a pussy willow, hornbeam, or the leaves of a large-leafed lime, make traces on the surface of the painting. The delicate gestures on the canvas, which are reflected in the title of each work as information about the wind strength, date, duration and the plant that created it, come across as a downright ironic commentary on styles such as Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Informal Art.

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Updated May 22, 2022