Series of Works

Farnsworth House

Rendering (CGI)

2000, 2004

Absence (Farnsworth House) (38.2), 2000, detail

The subject of these renderings is a well-known piece of modern architecture: Farnsworth House. Located south of the town of Plano in Illinois, this weekend house was built in 1950/51 from a design by Mies van der Rohe. Rather than presenting an architectural section of the building, the work Absence (Farnsworth House) gives the viewer the impression of standing directly in the house itself – the interior space of the house extends out to the edges of the picture. Instead of being based on logical effects, the spatial concepts and reflections that Weyermann consciously integrates illustrate the interplay between the interior and exterior, appearance versus existence, and reality versus illusion. The artist has carefully placed a few objects to give a sense of orientation: two books are lying on a stool, a pair of blue flip-flops are located in the middle ground, and a painting is hanging on one wall in the background that according to the artist represents a detail from a medieval book illumination.
The narrative that unfolds alongside the objects is a sign of human life in these open spaces, set in a tense relationship with the transparent architecture.

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