• <em>real-time-nomads</em>, invitation
    real-time-nomads, invitation

Text: Maja Weyermann, taken from the exhibition flyer, 2010

real-time-nomads combines the themes of migration and the construction of social space and illuminates the central significance of childhood memories for a person’s identity.
Maja Weyermann first interviewed Berlin shop owners with various cultural backgrounds and then, based on their memories of childhood, constructed virtual three-dimensional spaces in which the memories of the interviewees merge with the artist’s ideas.
Renderings of these simulations can be seen from 25 September to 20 November 2010 in the Uqbar project space. A walking tour linked to the exhibition offers people the chance to visit the businesses owned by the interview partners. Short films will be shown there on small monitors, weaving childhood memories, quotations from the interviews and everyday scenes into a filmic portrait.
These videos can also be seen at n.b.k. and Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.
Audio guide + 49 345 48 34 15 323

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