The Miller House

Solo show

20 October to 23 November, 2013

Vous Etes Ici Gallery, Amsterdam

Press Release, 8 October 2013:
The starting point of Swiss artist Maja Weyermann’s new series of works is the Miller House, a modernist residency designed by Eero Saarinen for the industrialist and patron of architecture, J. Irwin Miller, and his wife, Xenia. Built in 1957, the house is located in Columbus, Indiana.
Weyermann confronts computer simulations of the Miller House with scenes from Federico Fellini’s Dolce Vita and Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Avventura, which were both released in 1960, shortly after the completion of the Miller House. Both films experiment with new narrative techniques by blending surreal elements with “reality” to portray a stagnating society in a state of collapse or transition from various points of view.
In Weyermann’s newly designed virtual model, the filmic space and the architectural space are closely intertwined, merging as multiple layers and opening up new perspectives. They thus create the impression of a dream-like, fractal room with multiple points of view, in which the past conflates with future presents or the present future.

The Miller House, 20 October to 23 November, 2013, Maja Weyermann and the rendering MH #5 (50.13), photo: Koen Schouteren

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