CHANDIGARH – an approach


English, German

Gunter Gebauer, “Der Blick von Innen / The Look from Inside”
CHANDIGARH – an approach, DVD booklet
Maja Weyermann (ed.), Berlin 2008

Content of the multimedia DVD
Slide show of all renderings in the Chandigarh series
Interviews with inhabitants of Chandigarh accompanied by a slide show about the city of Chandigarh 2006–2008
Interviews with architects and urban planners:
Aditya Prakash, Vikram Prakash, K. T. Ranvindran, A. G. Krishna Menon, S. K. Das and Rajinder Bhandari
Booklet including The Look from Inside, a text by Gunter Gebauer
Produced by Maja Weyermann with support from Pro Helvetia, New Delhi and ifa, Berlin 2008

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    CHANDIGARH – an approach, DVD case
CHANDIGARH – an approach
Pictured Artworks (16)
<em>Sector-10, Museum-Library #2;Sector-10, Museum-Library #2</em>
<em>Sector-10, Museum-Library #3</em>
<em>Tower of Shade #1</em>
<em>Tower of Shade #2</em>
<em>Tower of Shade #3</em>
<em>House of Mr Sahgal #1</em>
<em>House of Mr Sahgal #2</em>
<em>Maison des Péons #1</em>
<em>Maison des Péons #2</em>
<em>Maison des Péons #3</em>
<em>Architecture College #1</em>
<em>Architecture College #2a</em>
<em>Sector 4, Hz-1, #1</em>
<em>Sector 4, Hz-1, #2</em>
<em>Sector 4, Hz-1, #3</em>
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